April 15


I finally did it! Clear Minded Marketing is here…

By Leslie Lesh

April 15, 2020

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Wow, I just created my very own business called Clear Minded Marketing! –Back in November 2019, I knew I wanted to work for myself. I had a vision of helping others by being able to boost their businesses. I was scared wondering if I could do this because to the other huge Marketing Agencies out there. I knew I could help so many people if I created Clear Minded Marketing. I would help local businesses improve their visibility and presence online. By helping them attract, engage and do more business with their ideal clients, patients or customers, this could helps them to grow their business, and continue to add a valuable service to our local community and give back. 

Leslie Lesh

About the author

I love life, I am into personal growth and excited to helping others build their businesses by expansion and abundance. Clear Minded Marketing is here and "Never Stop Promoting... Your Business Deserves it!"

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